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What is Cryptonic Creations?

Cryptonic Creations is your premium digital art community and family of multiple NFT Digital Collections.

Created in September of 2021, we continue to move forward and grow not only our portfolio but also a strong community. Being a family of multiple collections that are past, present, and future all under one social roof, we believe that this will continue to keep each project relevent and visible to any and all new members of the community. We aren't about creating a collection then dropping it as soon as we move to the next. Please also remember that this is art and not your everyday generative 10k collection.


The community is growing each day, we have an active Twitter following as well as a Discord community in which we host FREE giveaways and much more. Community is VERY important to us and the success of the NFT project!

Premium Digital NFTs

All NFTs have been digitally generated through various techniques including AI and algorithmic processing. All NFTs are carefully selected and enhanced for your enjoyment. We aren't about releasing thousands of poorly created images just to make a quick buck, we hand select each one that we want to mint and list. Each selected NFT is then put through an enhancement process to increase the depth, resolution, and quality before it gets to you.


A community wallet has been created which will recieve 15% of all NFT sales. The funds will be used to go back into the community through Promotions and various floor sweeps / stable NFT purchases which will in turn be given away back to the Community.


Our portfolio of the amazing collections from Cryptonic Creations.

Cryptonic Creations
Various Digital AI Creations
Ghostly Souls
A collection of haunting beautiful artwork.
Psychedelic Creatures
A collection of trippy psychedelic creatures.
Digitally generated Abstract art.
Cryptonic Skullz
The skullz of the fallen Cryptonic metaverse warriors.
Galactic Critters
Auction Starts March 3rd @ 4pm EST!
Fun and friendly Galactic Critters have been discovered all over the Solana Metaverse.


While we are not a generative collection offering a cool PFP game or some sort of metaverse blockchain creation, we do currently offer community rewards and exclusive VIP roles to our amazing community members. We do have a roadmap that will continue to grow with us as we continue to make strides in the NFT space.